Introducing Green Chain

Empowering a Sustainable Future Through Innovative Blockchain Technology. Mining directly on your mobile device with easy.


Green Chain introduces a revolutionary approach to digital currency by combining environmental responsibility and accessibility on a global scale.

Green Energy

In an era where technology and sustainability are pivotal, Green Chain emerges as a groundbreaking blockchain initiative dedicated to harmonizing digital advancement with smooth blockchain experience

Environmental Responsibility

At its core, GREEN is committed to operating on green energy sources, thereby significantly reducing the environmental impact traditionally associated with blockchain networks

Accessible Mining

Mining GREEN coins through our mobile app is straightforward, requiring no specialized equipment or technical expertise.


At the heart of Green Chain is a profound respect for the environment. Our platform is designed to minimize the carbon footprint, utilizing green energy for mining operations and incentivizing eco-friendly practices among our community.

Transparency and Integrity

Trust is fundamental in the blockchain world. We adhere to the highest standards of transparency and integrity, ensuring that our operations, transactions, and developments are conducted openly and ethically.


Green Chain is at the forefront of technological advancement. We continually seek to improve and expand our blockchain capabilities, ensuring that our platform not only meets current technological standards but sets new benchmarks for efficiency, security, and user experience.

Future Ecosystem of Green Chain

The future ecosystem of Green Chain promises an exciting journey towards sustainability and innovation. With a steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility, Green Chain envisions a vibrant ecosystem that fosters decentralized finance, NFT marketplaces, AI integration, and more.

Rich Features Mining App

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Q1 2024: Foundational Phase

  • Testnet Launch: Officially launched on March 11th, setting the stage for development and testing.
  • Website Launch: Coinciding with the testnet, our website went live to serve as a hub for information and updates.
  • Reward Smart Contract: Implementation of smart contracts to facilitate rewards within the ecosystem.
  • Mining Contract and Ecosystem: Introduction of mining contracts to support the growth of the Green Chain network.
  • Android (APK) Launch: Release of the Android app to broaden access to Green Chain's features.
  • Telegram Mini App Launch: Extending our reach within the Telegram community through a dedicated mini-app.
  • User Growth Target: Aiming to reach 500k users as we build our community.
  • Blockchain TPS and Gas Fees: Establishing a basic TPS for the network and setting low transaction fees.

Q2 2024: Expansion Phase

  • User Growth Targets: Setting ambitious goals to reach 5 million users with concurrent user targets between 100k - 200k users.
  • NFT Minting: Opening NFT minting to users, diversifying the ecosystem's offerings.
  • P2P Marketplace: Launching a marketplace for GREEN transactions among users.
  • Green Game Platform: Introducing a beta version of gaming platform with GREEN as the primary currency.
  • App Listings: Aiming for final app listings on iOS and Play Store, pending review approval.
  • Social Features: Adding social functionalities to the mining app to enhance user engagement.

Q3 2024: Mainnet Launch and Expansion

  • User Growth Target: Aiming to expand our user base to 10 million.
  • GREEN DAO: Launching the GREEN DAO to involve the community in critical decision-making processes.
  • Marketing and Partnerships: Intensifying marketing efforts and securing strategic partnerships.
  • CMC & CoinGecko Listing: Achieving listings on major cryptocurrency tracking platforms.
  • 1st Halving Event: Scheduled for July 10th, to regulate the supply of GREEN.
  • Mainnet Launch: Transitioning to the mainnet to fully operationalize the network.
  • DEX & CEX Listings: Expanding the availability of GREEN through various exchange platforms. Exact listing date will be announced.

Q4 2024: Scaling Up

  • User Growth Target: Expanding the community to 15 million users.
  • 2nd Halving Event: Scheduled for November 10th, continuing our supply regulation strategy.
  • More Exchange Listings: Increasing the presence of GREEN on both DEXs and CEXs.

Q1 2025: Ecosystem Enhancement

  • User Growth Target: Aiming for 20 million users.
  • 3rd Halving Event: Taking place on March 10th, further adjusting the supply of GREEN.
  • Green DEX and Bridge: Full launch of our DEX and bridge services.
  • Wormhole Support: Enhancing cross-chain interactions within our ecosystem.
  • Green NFT Marketplace: Introducing a limited version of our NFT marketplace.

Q2 2025: Innovation and Community Growth

  • User Growth Target: Expanding to 25 million users.
  • Green NFT Marketplace: Full launch of the NFT marketplace.
  • App V2 Launch: Introducing the second version of our application with enhanced features.
  • AI and Trading Bots: Launching AI bots for marketplace facilitation and trading bots for optimized transactions.
  • Community World Tour & Events: Initiating a series of global events to engage and expand our community.

Q3 2025: Future Horizons

  • User Growth Target: Aiming to reach 30 million users.
  • Sustainability Initiatives: Launching new projects and partnerships focused on environmental sustainability within the blockchain space.
  • Blockchain Education Programs: Developing educational initiatives to increase blockchain literacy and adoption.
  • Enhanced Governance: Introducing more sophisticated DAO functionalities for community-driven governance.
  • Innovative Technology Developments: Exploring and integrating cutting-edge technologies such as quantum-resistant encryption to further secure the Green Chain network.
  • Global Expansion: Focusing on expanding our presence and utility in underserved markets, emphasizing financial inclusion and environmental sustainability.

Q4 2025 and 2026

  • To be announced...